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Wimbledon or Washout?

24 Jun

Wimbledon starts tomorrow! I love Wimbledon, or I should say, I used to love Wimbledon when it was filled with players like John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl, Boris Becker, Steffi Graph, Chris Everett and Martina Navaratalova! Yep, I’m showing my age a bit here, but looking back, I have fond memories of great matches involving the above players, exciting rallies and of course long hot summers…

When I look back at some of the matches, I must have been only 12, hard to believe, but my best memories of Wimbledon are from around that age until I was in my late twenties – so around 1995 I guess. By that time, most of the above players had played their last matches and my memories of the Wimbledon tournament are of newer but far less exciting players and matches – and bad weather!

The only benefit of the rained off matches is that sometimes the old classic games are shown on T.V!

The Wimbledon weather this year is looking distictively wet towards middle of the first week – no surprises there – which will mean the tournament going into three weeks possibly, so plenty of time to show old matches maybe? If not, I’ve dredged a few up from U-Tube anyway so in case you’ve all forgotten, you can see what I mean…

First off, some John McEnroe classic tantrums – not Wimbledon, but who cares?!




What about the classic tie break with McEnroe and Borg in 1980?


Or this 1986 Becker and Lendl final;


A lot of people say that the reason for those great rallies is because of the older wooden raquets the players used. The modern raquets just give too much speed, meaning the game is all about power shots, rather than exciting rallies, and this seems to be true. Ahh well, it’s a good job the older classic matches are still available to watch, especially on a rained off Wimbledon day.

Going back to the weather, i’ve discovered that not all is as bad as imagined. Here’s some weather facts;

Wimbledon weather facts

  • The warmest Wimbledon Championship on record was 1976, where temperatures averaged at 25.4 C.
  • In 1997, 118.3 mm of rain fell during the championships, making it the wettest Wimbledon on record.
  • Perhaps rather unfairly, Wimbledon has always been associated with bad weather and particularly with rain. But actually play has only been totally rained off 32 times in 125 years.
  • Most years, some rain does fall during the championships, however there have been seven years where rain did not interrupt play at all – 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993 and 1995, 2009 and 2010.

UK winner facts

Last British female singles winner – Virginia Wade 1977

Last British Male singles winner – Fred Perry 1936

So, If you get really bored when/if the tennis is rained off, then there’s always Robert Spire action-adventure thrillers TIPPING POINT, IMPACT POINT and to keep you entertained, or for anyone interested in the bad weather and climate, THE A-Z OF GLOBAL WARMING!

Enjoy the Wimbledon fortnight, and just remember – it used to be so much better, whatever the weather!

Kindle Book Publishing And Promotion

29 Apr

Whether you’re a newbie publisher or a more established author, here is a trio of books from established authors that I found very useful and interesting. The following Kindle books are targeted at Kindle book publishing and Kindle book promotion.

First off John Locke’s How I Sold A Million eBooks In 5 Months.

John Locke, as i’m sure you all know – unless you’ve been on a desert island someplace – holds the mantle for becoming the world’s first self published Kindle author to sell over 1 million ebooks. His book on how he did it gives an honest and frank explanation of how he managed it, although I’m sure his books must also be very good to be selling by the bucket load. I’ve not read any yet, but millions have. An example of Mr Locke’s marketing skills is his ability to write  a Western – hardly a popular genre – and make it a top selling Kindle book.  Follow The Stone is still selling very very well. In fact, we are reminded from his website that “Every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world!” Not bad eh?

His book discusses the main promotional tools Twitter and blogging in some detail and his ability to reach potential readers through relevant and touching blogs which it seems go almost viral, spreading the word about his Kindle books in the process. See my Amazon review of his book HERE.

My second recommendation is Michael R Hicks’ book The Path To Self Publishing Success. Mr Hicks is a successful Kindle author with his SciFi “In Her Name” novels and recently gave up his day job after Kindle book sales took off. The guide gives a detailed account of all you need to know to turn your novel into a Kindle published book and then how to go about promoting it. Some interesting stuff about pricing structure, use of Twitter in particular and monetizing websites. Helps arm the author with the right tools to get on the path to Kindle publishing success. His novel Season Of The Harvest and its well worth a read. The authors website can be found HERE.

Finally, we have author J.A Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing. To be honest, I’m still only 75% through this ebook because it is one information-packed guide on literally  (no pun intended)  everything you need to know about the publishing industry. Here is a list of what the book contains;

BREAKING IN – Over forty essays on how to find an agent and sell your writing.

PUBLISHING – More than twenty essays about the publishing business, and how it works.

PROMOTION – Over fifty essays on marketing, advertising, and self-promotion.

TOURING – Extensive, in-depth details on how to do book tours and signings.

INTERNET – Dozens of essays on how writers can effectively use the world wide web.

EBOOKS – Speculation and real-life examples of digital publishing, the Kindle, print on demand, and self-publishing.

MOTIVATION – Over fifty essays guaranteed to enlighten and inspire your writing efforts.

Mr Konrath is the author of the Jack Daniels thriller series, where each novel is named after a well-known cocktail. His blog, A NEWBIE’S GUIDE TO PUBLISHING is essential reading for anyone wanting an insight into book publishing and promoting.

You really need to read this book to see how much effort this guy puts into promoting, touring and writing. In fact, I have no idea how he has time to blog! Amazing.

I hope this selection of helpful books helps you all in your writing careers. Good luck! Click the following link if you enjoy, or fancy trying  ECO-THEMED THRILLERS.