Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch? You Decide…

7 Jul

In the USA it is known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. In Tibet and the Himalayas, it is known as the Yeti. No matter where in the world, the legendary creature is surrounded in a veil of mystery. Other than its lingering rotten stench, odd footprint and distant high pitched screams there is very little evidence that these legendary creatures exist, or is there?

How can these mythical creatures be so adept at not being seen, caught, and photographed? The Himalayan natives claim this is due to their supernatural speed and agility. In addition to this, they are rumoured to have a heightened sense for when humans are around. Not only that, but they have been theorized to have other supernatural abilities. Locals say that they can only be seen when they are extremely ill, old, or dying.

But where did these mythical creatures come from? Were they created or did they evolve? Some have even theorized that the Yeti was a Nazi experiment. This is due to the fact that there have been Nazi items recovered which seem to resemble a taxidermy bear-human mash-up. It is rumoured that Hitler and Himmler had an extreme fascination with the paranormal, so much so that a mission was ordered in the late 1930’s to the Himalayas to investigate the Yeti.

However, these claims are a little fanciful to say the least and don’t explain the origins of Bigfoot or the Yeti. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is strongly associated with the American Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia areas of the USA. One of the first mentions of huge footprints that were later attributed to the legendary creature was in a small northern Californian newspaper in the USA in the early 1970’s when a road construction crew discovered huge 16 inch-long human-like footprints in the ground. From that day, the moniker Bigfoot was born and the Bigfoot / Sasquatch legend became part of American public conscience.

An article from the Express newspaper as recently as 2018 claims STUNNING new evidence which proves the existence of Bigfoot has been found in the US wilderness, a sasquatch hunter claims.  And in April of this year, the Indian Army claims to have found Yeti footprints in a mountain region some 12 miles from Mount Everest. Whichever way you look at it, circumstantial evidence for the creature’s existence simply won’t go away.

But evidence and footprints of the mythical creature actually stretch back hundreds of years. Don’t believe me? Well check out ex police officer-turned Bigfoot and missing people investigator, David Paulides, who has published a new book called, Bigfoot Wild Men and Giants. The books is a 449-page table-top compilation of news articles describing sightings, and other evidence of hairy bipeds and giant skeletons that were located in mounds and graves between the years 1680-1923! Literally hundreds of news articles can be found on the mythical creature, or wild man, stretching back hundreds of years. Paulide’s official website can be found here.

However, in Himalayan folklore it is said that the Yeti dates back much further than this. It is so embedded in their culture that they claim Yetis are older than humanity. Folklore or fact, it is true that many missing persons and damaged property has been blamed on the Yeti.

David Paulides is also known for publishing the Missing 411. If you get spooked easily, don’t even consider reading his books or watching his documentaries. He has investigated hundreds of people, children, hikers and hunters that have gone missing from America’s National Parks. Some have vanished and never been found, whilst others have vanished and inexplicably turned up miles from where they were without any explanation or memory. Paulides uses profiling when investigating these missing people, with specific criteria applied to their disappearance so that people who have gone missing /deceased from obvious causes, such as accidents, animal attacks, mentally ill and suicide victims are not even considered. The explanation for their disappearances is truly inexplicable….

Our curiosity in Bigfoot, and perhaps unknown entities that might be lurking in the American and Himalayan wilderness will go unanswered whilst the creature’s almost magical ability to stay hidden, alludes us.

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Riddle of the Sphinx

24 Jun
THE SPHINX IS an iconic Egyptian monument. It has a long history of curious surroundings. But what if I told you that similar structures to the Egyptian monuments have been found on Mars? Photographs captured by the Mars Global Surveyor and Viking Lander of the Cydonia region of Mars depict structures on the Martian surface eerily similar to those found in Egypt. The anomalies have sparked huge controversy as you might imagine – conspiracy theorists are having a field day.It is speculated that the Sphinx’s origins date farther back than the timeline generally suggested by some archaeologists. This is evidenced by the fact that the erosion on the Sphinx seems to be primarily caused by water. However the amount of rainfall required does not match the climate which existed during the time archaeologists suggest, which is approximately 2500 BC. At this time the area was already desert and had little rainfall. This suggests that the monument is much older – but how old could it be?

In addition to this, there is a plate on the Sphinx which states that it was created during the ‘First Time’. The ‘First Time’ refers to the time in Egyptian history when the Gods walked with humans. We all know what Von Daniken’s views are on this – Could these Gods possibly be alien visitors to Earth? This period if accurate would date the Sphinx to around 36, 400 BC instead.

One thing is for sure, there is compelling scientific evidence to suggest the Sphinx was built around 10,000 years ago, the last time there was sufficient water in the area to cause the erosion seen on the monument.

Could aliens have given the Egyptians gifts of technological advances, helping them build the incredible monuments that still stand to this day? This theory is also supported by some of the hieroglyphs, half human half animal hybrids and objects that look distinctly like flying saucers depicted in ancient Egyptian articles.

Could there be a connection between the monuments of ancient Egypt, and the objects on Mars, not to mention some strange anomalies now being discovered on the Moon.

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Have You Noticed The Weather Recently?

17 Jun

With the tense situation around climate change today, the topic of environmental cataclysm is ever looming. Earth’s average temperature is getting higher and higher each year. The water is becoming more and more acidic, coral reefs are dying, and the oceans are filled with plastic, and too fished for human financial gains. The oceans are one of the world’s major weather regulators. Climate circulation patterns occurring in the oceans are temperature dependent.

Having said that, we are clearly in trouble. The oceans also act as a sponge, absorbing over 90% of the planet’s increasing atmospheric temperatures, meaning that even if we change our emissions today we will not see the return for another 20 years or so. The shift in circulation patterns will change the kind of weather which occurs in different locations. Many communities, coastal regions and countries people will not be prepared to deal with this, and many lives, homes and valuables will be lost and / or damaged.

Yes, in only 20 years. We are about to go on a wild ride of weather events. Haven’t you noticed it occurring yet? Maybe the summer storms are getting more dramatic, maybe the droughts are becoming more of a norm than an outlier. Maybe you’ve heard of the polar ice caps melting?

Scientists have been warning us for years about the imminent threat that is climate change, and politicians have ignored them. The day will come, and we getting closer and closer to it. We are in a self-inflicted pressure cooker, and the pressure is about to exceed the safe limit, as increasing CO2 levels push average global temperature to 2 Celsius above the norm.

Will we have to brace ourselves for massive catastrophic storms? Evacuate coastlines to avoid the flooding that will inevitably come, or maybe the ancient aliens will come back to Earth and punish us for what we’ve done to the planet. Maybe eco-terrorists will launch a terrorist attack to scare us into finally making the changes we need.

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Asteroid Impact!

8 Jun

Asteroid Threat to Earth – Impact Point


With news that an asteroid as big as the Statue of Liberty could hit Earth on or around the 9th of September this year, we are reminded of how fragile our existence on planet Earth and all life upon it is as we travel around the Milky Way Galaxy.

An asteroid called 2006QV89 will come perilously close to our planet and could even smash into us. At 40 metres wide, the object is not big enough to cause too much damage however as It’s only about twice as large as the 20 metres object which exploded in the skies over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013.

Having said that, The ‘airburst’ caused by this detonating meteorite left about 400 people injured, with most wounds caused by shards of flying glass from windows smashed by the shockwave. The energy from  the resulting explosion exceeded 470 kilotons of TNT.

If 2006QV89 exploded over a major city like London or New York, the damage could be much greater, but still only minor in comparison to what an Earth impacting meteorite could do!

Thankfully Nasa calculations reveal it has a 99.988% probability of missing Earth.

The threat from Earth impacting asteroids and comets will unfortunately never recede, you only have to be a dinosaur to know that! In more recent times we can consider the huge air burst that occurred over Siberia in 1908 – the Tunguska Event – levelling trees in the remote forest for miles around.

If that event occurred now over a major city, the effects would be cataclysmic.

Check out the incredible, ‘Daylight fireball’ footage taken in 1972 of an Earth-grazing meteorite that passed just 35 miles above the Earth before skimming the atmosphere and continuing its journey through the solar system –

Such events can happen without warning, despite NASA and Earth’s scientists trying to track these things. A sobering thought however is that the number of scientists worldwide hunting for these things is about the amount of people who work at a McDonalds restaurant!

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Mystery of the ghost-ship S.S. Ourang Medan

17 Feb

Ourang Medan

Depending on which report is accurate, a curious radio message was received by numerous ships traveling along the Straits of Malacca, situated around Sumatra and Malaysia in either June 1947 or as late as February 1948. At the time, the origins of this message – an SOS – were not known. The message itself was divided into two parts, separated by Morse code that could not be deciphered. Those that received this message insisted that the transcript went:

All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. … I die.

Nothing else was transmitted after this chilling conclusion. Two ships, both American, picked up the messages and felt compelled to investigate. With the help of British and Dutch listening posts, the coordinates of the vessel thought to be transmitting were triangulated.  It was the Dutch freighter S.S. Ourang Medan – above extract courtesy of Historic Mysteries.

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Si Rosser

Schmall World Publishing

First published in Great Britain as an e-book by Schmall World Publishing

Copyright © Simon Rosser 2019

The right of Simon Rosser to be identified as the author of the work has been asserted herein in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved.







Pacific Ocean – 400 nautical miles south-east of the Marshall Islands. 10.06.1948


THE DUTCH REGISTERED freighter ship, the SS Ourang Medan listed to port as she was hit broadside by a large wave, which sent foaming, freezing Pacific Ocean seawater cascading over her forward deck.

The ship had left the Chinese port of Xiamen two weeks earlier and was on route to Costa Rica. Stored beneath the decks in her hold was a cargo of coffee, raw sugar cane, twenty-five gold bars and a single large steel container, which had been encased in a wooden crate, and which had taken ten men the best part of three hours to haul on board.

On the bridge, Captain Jacobus raised his forearm and wiped the sweat from his brow as he stood at the helm, his other oil-covered hand gripping the large wooden wheel as he wrestled to keep the ship on course. He reached down and yanked the wheel lock up from the pedestal, left the helm and opened the bridge door which headed out onto the deck to get some fresh air. A strong, wet, wind hit him full on in the face. He looked up at the night sky which was beautifully clear; billions of stars, pin pricks of light, winking in the heavens. A good sign at least, the ocean should calm down soon, he thought.

He realised he was still sweating profusely, the salty sweat was trickling into his eyes, and he wiped his brow once again. He’d been feeling unwell for the last two days, and now he was developing a sore throat and stomach cramps, which had worsened in the last few hours. He put it down to the sleepless nights he’d had since they’d left port, but was now wondering if it had anything to do with the hooker he’d spent his last night with at the port two weeks earlier. He hoped he’d not caught anything from her, and cursed under his breath at the thought.

The ship listed again, the hull creaking ominously as the vessel’s steel panels and rivets responded to the relentless pounding of the ocean. He took one last look at the heavens and headed back inside, unlocked the wheel and adjusting it slightly to bring the ship back on course.

“Anders, can you take over for a while. I’m going back to my cabin to lie down for half an hour,” he shouted.

Anders, who was operating the vessel’s bilge pumps, stood up and grabbed the wheel. “Yes sir,” he said, nodding at the captain in response.

Captain Jacobus left the bridge, grabbing the stair rails to steady himself as he descended towards his quarters. He made his way along the corridor on the lower deck, feeling increasingly sick as he went. He reached his cabin and hurried in, closing and locking the door behind him. He staggered to the bathroom, and projectile vomited into the basin as he entered.

“Jesus!” Jacobus groaned, as he ran the tap to wash away the vomit. He splashed cold water onto his face, dabbing it dry with a towel, before closing the bathroom door and falling onto his bed. He shook his head to try and expel the feeling of nausea and fog now engulfing him. Was it something I’ve eaten? Surely it couldn’t have been the hooker? No sexually transmitted disease could cause such rapid illness, he reasoned.

He thought back to when they left port, the cargo that had been loaded on board. He grabbed the ship’s freight itinerary log from his bedside table to remind himself exactly what was in the hold.

Jacobus flipped through the pages looking for the 08 June entry. He hadn’t forgotten the gold bars of course, but there was something else, in bulkhead five; the large steel container. It had taken ten men to haul it on board, the stamp on the lid had read, ‘Fragile – Restricted.’ The object, he knew had arrived at the Chinese port from McMurdo, in Antarctica, some weeks earlier.

He pushed the logbook back into his bedside draw and stood up with the intention of going down to the hold to check the container out, but immediately collapsed onto the floor, vomiting again before he could reach the bathroom.

Jacobus felt his body convulse, go into spasm, like something was crawling inside his veins and invading his body. He felt excruciating pain, and then his eyes rolled back until the wooden slatted ceiling of his cabin came into view momentarily, before blurring quickly and then fading to black as he lost consciousness.



Up on the bridge Anders was starting to feel as sick as a dog. He wiped his brow, now soaked in sweat, and checked the control panel in front of him; course and speed all looked okay. Where the hell had the captain gone?

The ship lurched to starboard as another wave hit, and Anders clung onto the wheel in response. He wasn’t feeling right. He had tremors in his hands and his legs were suddenly growing weak as if his body was now too heavy for them, and he felt his knees starting to buckle. The tremors in his hands started extended along to his arms and then he collapsed onto the bridge, losing consciousness momentarily, a terrible pain gripping his body.


In the ship’s Communications Room, Second Officer Frans Erik, the vessel’s telegraphist could hear the men in the dining area shouting at each other. Erik left his desk and staggered along the corridor towards the Mess Hall to find out what was going on.

He opened the Mess Hall door. What the hell? he wondered, as he entered, seeing the state of the men inside. A fight had broken out between at least three of the crew. One man, who Anders recognised as Eddie McNamara, a tough-looking Scottish chap from Troon, near Glasgow, was being restrained by two other seamen. McNamara was foaming at the mouth, blood trickling down his temple from an open wound. At least fifteen other seamen were gathered around, watching as McNamara frantically struggled to break free from the men restraining him, his eyes bloodshot, and darting around the room like a wild animal.

“What the hell is going on here?” Second Officer Erik shouted.

One of the seamen turned around, a short stocky sailor by the name of Smith. “The Scot has gone crazy sir. He went down to check the hold about two hours ago and then suddenly went fucking nuts. He’s bitten poor Eddie Daniels in the neck. He’s in a bad way at the back of the mess,” Smith said, tilting his head towards the end of the Mess Hall.

Erik moved towards the Scot and the men restraining him. “What the hell is going on here?” he shouted, attempting to make sense of the situation.

McNamara was staring at him through bloodshot, crazed eyes. Erik studied him, realising something was seriously wrong. He’d never seen a man looking so frenzied and intent on hurting him.

Before Erik could ask another question, McNamara appeared to suddenly take on superhuman strength and broke free from the men restraining him. He lunged at Erik, immediately sinking his teeth into his left shoulder, before thrashing his neck back and fore like a crazed rabid dog.

Second Officer Erik felt his flesh tear, and lightning bolts of pain radiated from his shoulder area, as all eighteen stone of the powerful Scot, with his stinking breath, pinned him to the floor.

“Get him off! Get him off,” Erik shrieked.

It took five crew men to wrench McNamara free. As soon as the man was pulled off, Erik staggered to his feet, blood pumping from the wound on his shoulder. He placed his left hand on the torn flesh, turned and fled the mess, leaving the crew to deal with the Scot as they saw fit. He didn’t care, he just wanted to escape the carnage and craziness of what had just happened.

He felt his way back along the corridor and back into the Communications Room, the wound on his shoulder throbbing with pain and pumping blood. Was he going to bleed to death? Get an infection? He reached for the bottle of rum he had in the small cabinet by the desk, pulled the cork out with his teeth and poured the amber liquid onto his bare shoulder, gritting his teeth in pain as the liquor penetrated the wound.

He quickly started feeling dizzy, and his head started to fog up and spin. What the hell was going on? He sat at the desk and reached for the key of the telegraph machine and started frantically tapping out a message.


Dash…dash…dash…dot…dash…dot…dot – We need help. This is the SS Ourang Medan, location, approximately 400 nautical miles south-east of the Marshal Islands. The crew are going crazy…fighting has broken out in the Mess…Captain is sick and crew members are dying…I die.


Second Officer Erik felt his arms shaking and with his last ounce of strength he reached for some paper and scrawled a note, a last message. He grabbed the empty rum bottle, shoved the note inside and replaced and sealed the cork, turned and tossed it through the open porthole into the ocean.

With all his strength gone, he fell off his chair and collapsed onto the floor, the pain from his shoulder wound radiating into his head and upper body. His eyes then rolled up to the ceiling, his face contorting in pain as he felt an inky blackness envelop him.

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Cataclysm of the Ancients: Fast Paced Science Fiction Thriller

4 Feb



Rhodes, Greece – 226 BC


THE FLOTILLA OF fishing vessels cut through the crystal-clear blue Aegean Sea, their sails billowing in the wind, the sand-coloured fortified stone walls of the town shimmering in the afternoon sun just two nautical miles ahead. The three vessels had been on the open sea for three days and nights, and were now returning home with their specially adapted hulls full of sardines and tuna, at least two weeks’ supply of fish for the stalls, markets and taverns of the town.

Admentos bit into his orange as he watched a dolphin race alongside the hull, leaping out of the ocean as it reached the bow. “Welcome my friend, but be careful,” he said, “one day, fishermen not as friendly as I might try and catch you too.”

The dolphin was joined by another, both now playing together, tracking the vessel back towards the port.

“I can see our friends have joined us again,” Theoros laughed, as he joined his friend at the bow.

“Same two dolphins, I’m sure. The dorsal fin, the triangular section of flesh, is missing,” Admentos said, pointing.

“You know why they follow us home?” Theoros shouted.

“Tell me your theory, my friend.”

“Odysseus; he always throws them half a medimnos of fish, when we get close to port. The large fish aren’t so stupid; they know they have a meal waiting.”

“If I see him do that, I’ll personally throw him into the water with them,” Admentos said, finishing his orange. He wiped his mouth, ran his hands through his thick black wavy hair and glanced to the port side. The two other vessels which had been out fishing with them were two boat-lengths away, playing catch-up with his boat, which he’d proudly named Alcaeus, after his father, an accountant from Athens. The name meant strength, and his father had proven to be a strong man and had educated Admentos well.

Theoros nodded his head towards the town and the fortified port walls that surrounded it, now coming into view. He shook his head in wonder; the awe-inspiring sight of the Titan Helios loomed up from the breakwater, towering over the port in all its glory. The sun’s golden rays lit up the huge bronze statue like a glowing furnace. “There he is, welcoming us home as ever, from our short voyage.”

“Helios has kept us safe for the last fifty-four years. The Cypriots and the sons of Demetrius have not dared attack us again since,” Admentos said proudly, shielding his eyes from the sun’s glare reflecting off the giant bronze Titan. The statue’s right arm was raised towards the ocean, as if in triumph. The sunlight reflecting off the clenched fist as if it were a burning flame.

“May he do the same for another thousand years,” Theoros added, just as the young Odysseus emerged from the vessel’s wooden cabin carrying a large urn. Odysseus looked up, his eyes widening as he saw the two of them.

“And what do you carry in that urn, Odysseus?” Admentos asked, “I hope you are not stealing our fish to give to the dolphins?”

Odysseus stopped and placed the urn down on the deck, shook his head and ruffled his curly blonde hair. “No, I have water to clean the deck.”

“Show me,” Admentos demanded.

Odysseus gingerly picked up the urn and slowly walked towards the bow, where the fishermen were leaning against the bulkhead. As he approached them, he sidestepped and briskly emptied the contents of the urn into the ocean. He then dropped the urn onto the deck and ran to the rear of the boat.

“Odysseus, there seems to be fish in your water!” Admentos shouted, as he ran after the ten-year old, the son of his brother Theras.

Odysseus was already leaning over the stern bulkhead watching the dolphins jump out of the ocean, playing with the half-dead fish, before gulping them down.

“No…no, please, my father will kill you if you touch me,” he screamed, as Admentos grabbed the boy around his chest and turned him upside down.

“You know what we do to people who steal our fish?” Admentos shouted, as Odysseus playfully tried to escape from his grip. “We throw them into the ocean!” Admentos then lifted Odysseus onto the wide, flat, horizontal surface of the bulkhead, grabbed his ankles and proceeded to dangle him over the edge of the vessel.

Odysseus screamed, then laughed, and then screamed again. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Pull me back in, I won’t do it again.”

Theoros stood behind his friend, laughing as he pulled Odysseus back up and lowered him to the deck. “Next time; I’ll drop you in and you can swim back to port with your friends. Your father will thank me for it,” Admentos said, a smile spreading across his tanned face.

The other two fishing vessels had now caught up with them, as they closed in on the harbour. The statue of Helios towered over the small boats, its massive bronze feet rising up from the huge marble plinth it stood on; in itself, a magnificent sight to behold at this distance.

Admentos craned his neck and looked up towards the top of the statue. Gulls drifting on the warm air currents above began to swoop down; chasing the boats towards the port, daily routine telling them that food would soon be available.

Admentos shouted to Odysseus. “You can make up for your theft by getting the ropes ready.”

Odysseus nodded and ran to the cabin.

Fishermen sitting on the fortified walls on the approach to the port, waved as they pulled up their lobster baskets from the sea bed.

As the flotilla passed the breakwater and the huge marble plinth upon which Helios stood, a strange vibrating hum, like no sound they had ever heard before, emanated from somewhere above them, seemingly from the Titan itself.

“Can you hear that, Admentos?”  Theoros shouted.

“What in the name of Zeus is that?! Admentos yelled back, shielding his ears.

The fishermen lining the port walls started to run, some stumbling, as they looked up towards the humming statue of Helios towering above.

As Admentos and Theoros gazed up at Helios, a blinding pure white flash, like a powerful lightning bolt, shot out from both sides of the statue’s torso, one point hitting the port wall and the other arcing over the port, into the mountains behind the town. A violent explosion caused rock from the fortified wall and harbour to erupt around the small flotilla of boats, the calm port waters suddenly became a maelstrom, tossing the fishing vessels like they had been transported into the middle of a violent storm.

Odysseus appeared from the cabin, his eyes wide with fear.

“Get back in the cabin, Odysseus,” Admentos screamed.

Admentos’ and the other men’s cries were drowned out by a series of thunderous cracks, quickly followed by a dark shadow that enveloped the port blocking, the bright sunlight.

“Helios! The Titan is falling!” Theoros screamed in terror.

The Titan snapped at its knees, and fell in three large sections, bronze screeching and bending, as the statue collapsed towards the land just beyond the port.

The three fishing boats tried to turn away, but it was too late. Admentos looked up at the collapsing statue of Helios as the Titan’s outstretched arm broke off from the shoulder and struck his vessel, crushing the wooden boat as if it were made from matchwood.


The Colossus of Rhodes lay where it fell, until 880 years later, when the ruins were sold by Arab invaders to a Jewish merchant from Emesa, Syria, who painstakingly removed the broken statue and bronze scrap, transporting it away on 900 camels.




CIA Headquarters,

Virginia, USA.

Present Day





DR VINCENT KRAMER swiped his identity card through the security scanner. The pad illuminated with a green light, and he walked through the steel security door into corridor B12, which ran along the west side of the building. He casually wiped away a bead of sweat that had formed on his temple, as he continued along the corridor to the Vault – the CIA’s secret records hall. The security cameras above would be monitoring his every move, but he had the necessary clearance to be in this section of the building, so it wasn’t a problem.

He reached the vault door and swiped his card through a second scanner. A light on the pad turned green, before a pencil-thin red laser shot out from a slot in a featureless black panel on the wall in front of him, and began scanning his iris. Kramer stood still for the few moments required, until the laser completed its task.

Two loud clunks resonated up, from somewhere inside the door, as two large steel bolts retracted into the wall. With a hiss of high-pressured air, the two-foot thick reinforced steel door slowly opened.

Kramer walked into the Vault, a rectangular room the size of a football field, and inhaled the room’s air, which had a hint of musty cardboard and old paper to it. This was despite the air within the Vault being recycled on a weekly basis, to ensure the old paper and documents kept there were preserved as well as possible. He figured that the air must have been almost a week old and hadn’t yet been replaced.

The soft strip lighting in the ceiling above the first third of the room, clicked on as he stepped on to the small landing area beyond the security door. The steel lump of the door slowly closed behind him, sealing him in the room, which always unnerved him. What if the unlock mechanism failed, how the hell would I get out?

Spread out before him were 1970s-style light grey filing cabinets, and racking, which extended up from the black and white tiled floor to a height of eight feet or so. There were eight rows of cabinets with aisles in-between, each one wide enough to drive a small forklift truck along. Each row was marked alphabetically A, through to H, and beyond that block was another similar block, marked I-P. A third, identical block, was positioned at the far end of the room, labelled Q-W. At the very back of the room was the final six-cabinet block, identified with the letters X, Y and Z.

Kramer headed down the steel steps, to the tiled floor ten feet below and walked along the aisle directly in front of him towards the third block of cabinets, which housed Row S. As he passed along the hundreds of individual drawers and racks he was effectively walking further back in time, as far as the documents and materials kept in the secure drawers were concerned.

Commencing in the year 2011, the most recent entry in Row D, he walked to the end of the section, back to the year 1722. He’d never looked at the documents in this section, but made a mental note to view them one day, when he had more time. He knew there were even older documents kept in the vault, dating back to the year 1508.

He continued to the middle block of cabinets, the lighting in the ceiling above him automatically clicking on, just as the lights in the first section blinked out, thanks to the eco-sensor picking up his movement within the space. All it did was scare the hell out of him. The Vault gave him the creeps as it was, made worse by the fact that two thirds of the vast room was always in darkness. He looked back. All he could see was a series of red LED lights glowing on the exit pad, on the wall next to the security door which was now shrouded in darkness.

He wiped his forehead again, cursing under his breath for having to be in here in the first place and for the position he found himself in. He prayed he was doing the right thing; the right thing for his wife and daughter, who were being held captive at this very moment, in their own home, and had been for the preceding forty-eight hours. On Saturday night, four men had forced entry into his home, just outside of Fairfax. They had somehow evaded the sophisticated security system he’d installed, before rounding them all up at gun point. The men were dressed, from head to toe, in black. They’d looked like an elite special ops unit; the kind of force he imagined had captured, and killed, Osama Bin Laden, except these bastards were in his own home, in the middle of a suburban street in Virginia.

Of course, he’d promised the kidnappers he’d do whatever was asked of him, to spare his family’s life, and had naturally assumed they wanted some high-level security information about America’s interests abroad. Computer programmes, or operating systems for the US’s drones perhaps, or even the future schedule/timetable of the President himself. The information his captors had demanded, however, had left him slightly flummoxed and, in an odd way, even more concerned. The best he could hope for was to be able to find and obtain the information for them, extricate his family from danger and then alert the secret service of the circumstances. The bastards needed to be caught. He’d insist he and his family be given new identities, before being relocated. The entire situation was a nightmare.

Kramer reached Row S, in the third block of cabinets. The Vault behind him was now in darkness, the red glow from the LED lights on the exit pad the only light visible. He looked up and checked the wall-mounted camera, close to where the wall met the ceiling above. The camera could clearly see him; however, by pulling out two of the drawers above the one he needed to get into, he could create a large enough obstruction to block the camera’s view. He reached up and pulled on the drawers, which squeaked on their runners as they extended out. Kramer then pulled out the drawer marked ‘Sp’ and started rummaging through the dividers, until he reached the folder he was searching for – Sphinx Remote Viewing Studies 1974.

He carefully pulled the manila A4 folder from its place and opened the flap, a slight tremor now evident in his hands. Thankfully, the documents were inside. He thumbed through the paperwork within the folder; just three A4 sheets appeared to be relevant. He pulled them out, rolled them into a tube and shoved them behind his belt, in the front of his trousers. He then quickly replaced the folder and closed the drawer labelled ‘Sp’ followed by both drawers above it. The tapes would show him looking in the cabinets in Row S but, hopefully, they wouldn’t record him actually stealing the documents.

Kramer walked hastily back through the vault, the energy saving lighting, tracking him back to the front of the room, blinking on as he passed into each section. He dabbed his forehead with his handkerchief as he ascended the steel steps to the Vault door. He reached the top landing, glanced back to the cabinets he’d just come from, now shrouded in darkness, and swiped his card across the door exit pad. The red lights blinked green and, as the large steel door clunked slowly open, he slipped out to the main corridor beyond.

Kramer headed back along the lengthy corridor, opened the security door he’d gone through earlier, and walked down another black and white tiled corridor; towards the cafeteria in the building’s older section. The time was 3.30 p.m.; he only had fifteen minutes before the arranged meet.

He ordered a latte to go and exited through the café’s rear glass door, onto a small paved terrace area. He casually strolled passed the Kryptos sculpture; towards the main car park. The mid afternoon sun was already bathing CIA Headquarters with its fading rays of light. A few miles to the east, lights were already blinking on in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

A black SUV with blacked-out windows was waiting for him, as instructed, at the rear of the vast car park, close to the perimeter fence, which bordered a large wooded area. Kramer nervously sipped his coffee, his stomach churning as he approached the vehicle.

The driver’s window slid down a few centimetres and a man, with a Middle-Eastern accent, directed him to walk around to the passenger side.

Kramer nodded and walked around the rear of the SUV and stopped at the front passenger door. He pulled the rolled up documents out from the top of his trousers.

The window slid down a fraction. “Are those the papers?”

“Yes,” Kramer replied.

“Show me.”

Kramer unrolled the documents and held them against the window. “I want to speak to my wife and child…”

The man, in the vehicle, cut him off. “Give me the papers – pass them through the gap.”

Kramer raised a shaking hand and pushed the rolled up documents through the gap in the window. “Now, let me speak to…”

The passenger window slid down six inches or so.

Kramer stepped back.

“You have my word that your wife and daughter will be fine. You have performed your task admirably, but I’m afraid this is where your journey ends,” the slim-faced Middle-Eastern man said, as he opened the window further and looked Kramer in the eyes, his right hand gripping the handle of a gun fitted with a long suppressor.

Kramer dropped his coffee, which hit the tarmac with a wet thud, just as two bright flashes flared out from the long black tube pointed at his chest. Kramer collapsed to the ground, the searing pain eating into him.

The black SUV screeched off as Kramer lay on the tarmac, gasping for air. His last vision was of his own blood slowly mixing with the light brown coffee he’d been drinking moments earlier.

Cataclysm (138x220) (138x220)





Bob Lazar, Area 51, flying saucers and UFO’s – the incredible story that won’t go away…

17 Dec

I was 21 back in 1989 when Bob Lazar’s incredible news story broke. I would have been in university in London coming towards the end of my law degree at the time. I really can’t remember much about being 21 to be honest, or what i did for my birthday, but i have never forgotten hearing Lazar’s revelations over the radio, about working at the previously unheard of and unknown location of Area 51 and specifically S-4, a location near Groom Lake where the U.S. military supposedly has a secret base, consisting of 9 hanger doors build into the side of the mountain, which contain a treasure trove of advanced craft, and according to Bob Lazar, alien disks, flying saucers which the U.S. Government have somehow acquired.

Bob Lazar speaks in great detail about how he was engaged, under Majestic clearance (A super top secret clearance derived from the 12 original members of President Truman’s team, created to study and keep hidden the fact that UFO’s exist, have crashed and are taking an active interest in Planet Earth following the Roswell crash) directive, to work on and back-engineer alien space craft being kept at S-4.

There are numerous videos available which show Lazar discussing the propulsion systems on board one particular disk – nick-named the Sport Model, from its sleek design – which use some kind of electrogravitic propulsion mechanism, anti-gravity technology and element 115 to power the systems. The craft operates by using the gravity drives to create their own gravity fields and warp and bend space time. Instead of traditional propulsion, as in a jet engine propelling the craft forward, the gravity drives are pointed in the direction of travel and pull the craft to its destination, thus enabling it to traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye. This all kind of makes sense, and might explain how aliens are able to travel the vast distances required to reach us.

Lazar was able to show reporters and friends the test flights of these craft – back in 1989 – from an observation point on a highway near Groom lake. The craft would be tested on a Wednesday night – statistically the quietest period for highway traffic in the area at the time. Videos exist showing the glowing lights in the sky making erratic maneuvers.

The craft are even said to come from a binary start system – Zeta Reticuli.

So – incredible story if true. But is it?

Well, a new documentary has been made, and Bob Lazar has come out of the woodwork after 35 years to re-tell the same story and the effects of spilling the news in the first place has had on his life. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but for sure i will do!

Since Lazar’s revelations in 1989, element 115 has been created by Russian and American scientists – well a few atoms of it. It is a genuine element, but not found on Earth. I also understand from the new documentary that a colleague has finally come forward to confirm that Lazar did in fact work at The Los Alamos nuclear lab, a fact he has had a hard time proving since the powers that be erased all of Lazar’s records in order to discredit him, following the leak.

I have been interested in this subject for decades, but like most people got used to thinking, same old news, grainy photographs and no real developments or disclosure…. but my interest has recently been invigorated by the sheer amount of information now available on You Tube (some clearly complete rubbish) and the numerous videos about Lazar, Area 51 and indeed now Dr Steven Grear, an ex US surgeon who has devoted the last 30 odd years of his life to running the disclosure project and has produced a recent documentary – Unacknowledged: An expose of the Word’s Greatest Secret, which is excellent viewing  Greer has amassed some 35 hours of testimony from pilots, military personnel and the like, who all say virtually the same thing as Lazar – UFOs are real, as is the anti gravity technology used to propel them and that Aliens have been visiting Earth for a long long time… scary thought? Maybe.

There just does now seem to be too much evidence to keep this issue suppressed for much longer, but the powers that be will try – and they have managed to do so since 1947 since the Roswell Crash – The reasons? The incredibly powerful technology – antigravity devices etc, if they were to fall into the wrong hands could spell disaster. The knowledge that aliens are here and have been visiting, or even had a hand in our creation by the manipulation of our DNA – would shatter world faiths.

The shameful thing is that, as Grear says, such devices could be what the world needs right now to avert disastrous climate change. Could the US Government, or secret parts of it, really be hiding technology that could save planet Earth from climate disaster? It seems illogical, but the military might just do that to ensure they have the ultimate weapon systems. As for the aliens? They must despair at us, and let’s face it, they can’t be hostile as if they wanted to, they could destroy us and our planet in a heartbeat.

Until we have disclosure, which might come sooner than we all think, here’s a fun and fast paced thriller on the subject – click on the link below…

our Campers Experience the Unimaginable…
A Signal From Deep Space is Detected…
NASA and SETI Scramble for Answers…
But What They Discover is…Terrifying.





Has Earth reached its TIPPING POINT

17 Dec

Will the Polish climate change deal change anything? Will global temperatures be prevented from increasing above a cataclysmic 2 degrees Celsius. We all hope so, but let’s face it, the few people in power who can do something about the situation, don’t seem to have the will or the genuine appetite to do so. Perhaps they should think more about their children and children’s children who will inherit one hell of a hot, erratic messed up planet than trying to apply cheap fixes and useless band aids  on the issues…

Anyway enough of a rant – why not settle down to Robert Spire’s first adventure… a climate fiction thriller with some real science and real science fiction… and there’s plenty more Spire adventures to go on after this one…. enjoy and have a happy Christmas people of the good Planet Earth.

Two Dead Climatologists…

An International Conspiracy…

A Looming Global Cataclysm… 

When eminent climatologist Dr Dale Stanton – in the process of studying the Atlantic Ocean’s Thermohaline Circulation – is found dead in his London apartment, environmental lawyer, Robert Spire, is given the task to administer a large legacy left by Dr Stanton to global warming organisations. The job should have been straightforward, until a second climatologist, Dr Jack Bannister drops dead on the other side of the Atlantic…

When the dead scientist’s mother engages Spire to look further into her son’s death, it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it seems. Spire soon finds he is out of his depth, as he is stalked by a sinister female Russian spy intent on tracking his every move, and to seemingly assassinate leading climatologists involved in investigating global warming and the melting Arctic sea ice. Spire is soon thrust into an international conspiracy involving a terrorist plot to push the Arctic to its tipping point, and the world to disaster…

TIPPING POINT is a fast-paced, unputdownable climate-change thriller, with terrorism elements that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. If you like James Rollins, Brett Battles, Clive Cussler, and the action and adventure of a James Bond movie then you will love the entire Robert Spire Action Thriller series.

Pick up your copy and start reading Tipping Point today!

“Simon Rosser’s scientific and psychological thriller “Tipping Point” is one of the best I have read in the past decade. He has a gift for fluent narrative, realistic characterization and for creating settings that come vividly to life for the reader. He blends tension and suspense very successfully against the contemporary background of global warming and its sinister implications.

–Author, TV presenter and Priest Lionel Fanthorpe –

Simonrosser_1 (1)

Bon Voyager

10 Dec

The Voyager space probes, launched from Earth in 1977 to study and photograph the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – a task they completed in 1989 have both now left our Solar System. Voyager 1 left in 2012 and Voyager 2 has just done so.

The probe’s present location is some 18 billion km (11 billion miles) from Earth and is moving at roughly 54,000km/h (34,000mph). Voyager 1 is even further away and travelling faster still, at 22 billion km and 61,000km/h.

Both spacecraft will continue transmitting signals and data until their plutonium power packs run out – perhaps in another 10 years time. After that, they will continue on their voyage through interstellar space until finally reaching the next closest star, in about 40,000 years!

According to website, here are some of the Voyager program’s probes achievements;

  • Examined Jupiter’s atmosphere, including its hurricanes.
  • Found active volcanoes on Io, a moon of Jupiter, as well as a “torus” (a ring of sulfur and oxygen that Io is shedding).
  • Saw evidence of an ocean beneath Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter.
  • Looked in detail at Saturn’s rings; observed waves, structure and “shepherd moons” that influence the shape of its F-ring.
  • Saw evidence of an atmosphere around Titan, a moon of Saturn, which scientists correctly identified as being composed largely of methane.
  • Discovered a Great Dark Spot on Neptune, which is a large storm.
  • Saw active geysers on Triton, an icy moon of Neptune

Both Voyager spacecraft carry recorded messages from Earth on golden phonograph records — 12-inch, gold-plated copper disks. A committee chaired by the late astronomer Carl Sagan selected the contents of the records for NASA. The “Golden Records,” as these records are called, are cultural time capsules that the Voyagers bear with them to other star systems. They contain images and natural sounds, spoken greetings in 55 languages and musical selections from different cultures and eras.

So, as we say bye bye to these little space probes, we must hail this amazing human technological achievement and NASA’s 40 year space mission, which is heading for a half century space mission, provided signals are still being beamed back in 9 years time…

This brings me on to another signal. Will the probes, or any Earth-based detection system pick up any alien signals from outer space? Perhaps we already have picked up a signal and just didn’t know it. If you’d like to know how things might unfold, then check out my recent Science Fiction thriller – SALIENT, by clicking the link below or visit my website for more information.





How to get started with Cryptocurrency trading…

1 May


How to profit in the

Digital Currency Gold Rush



Si Rosser


Schmall World Publishing

First published in Great Britain as an e-book by Schmall World Publishing

Copyright © Simon Rosser 2018


The right of Simon Rosser to be identified as the author of the work has been asserted herein in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved.

This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data.



Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor or in any way giving financial advice within the pages of this book. Any cryptocurrency investments/purchases made after reading this book are done at the buyers own risk



Also by the same author;

The A-Z of Global Warming

Tipping Point – Robert Spire 1

Impact Point – Robert Spire 2

Melt Zone – Robert Spire 3

Cataclysm of the Ancients – Robert Spire 4

Red Mist – Espionage Thriller

Salient – SciFi Thrller



Chapter 1

Cryptocurrencies – What Are They?

Chapter 2

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

Chapter 3

What is a Blockchain?

Chapter 4

Altcoins – A Coin for Everyone and Everything

Chapter 5

Altcoin Search – Where Do You Start?

Chapter 6

Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Buying Ether and Bitcoin, Keeping it Simple!

Chapter 7

Strategies to Deploy

Chapter 8

Secret to Success – Eruption and Trigger Points

Chapter 9

ICO’s – Initial Coin Offerings Explained

Chapter 10

Wallets – Keeping Your Cryptos Safe


Recap, HODL and be Patient!



The information contained in this book is for educational purposes only. Any examples used are for educational and illustrative purposes. I am not recommending any particular Cryptocurrencies, ICOs or Blockchain technology. The names of any firms of Crypto Exchanges, financial institutions, wallets, financial websites or otherwise mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. The decision on which company to use if any, is at the total discretion of you, the reader. It is recommended that you seek your own professional financial advice before proceeding to invest in cryptocurrencies.


The world of Cryptocurrencies and ICOs is HIGHLY speculative and VOLOTILE and whilst large sums of money can be made, you can equally lose all your investments. Please read and understand the above and be aware of the risks of this kind of trading and investing.


By continuing to read this book you agree to the above and accept the extremely high risk nature of cryptocurrencies.


With those cautionary words over, let’s dive into the world of crypto!




OKAY, SO YOU might be thinking what gives me the authority to write a book about cryptocurrency? And I wouldn’t blame you. I am a lawyer by profession and a part time author of 8 action-adventure thriller novels, and one reference book on global warming.

I’m also a self-taught cryptocurrency investor. Someone who knew nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general until I started researching and immersing myself into the world of cryptocurrency after a good friend of mine in 2017 confirmed that his brother was heavily into it and making a lot of money. At the time I thought that I’d missed the boat. One Bitcoin back then was trading for about $3000 a coin. I thought no thanks, that’s clearly well over priced and apart from that I didn’t even understand what a Bitcoin was! Well, my big mistake was not looking into things further at the time. Shortly after I heard that another friend of mine in London had bought something called Ripple. With no idea what that was, in the latter half of 2017 I decided to start researching the entire world of cryptocurrency. I paid for cryptocurrency investment information, watched countless videos and read numerous articles and carried out hours of research. This book is the culmination of all of that. I only wish I’d taken more interest back in 2016 when my friend had first told me about his brother investing in Bitcoin, and some other exotic Altcoins that I’d never heard of. If I had, I’d probably be writing this book from my condo in Hawaii! But seriously, I use the term ‘investing’ loosely, as the cryptocurrency market is so volatile, and the landscape changing so rapidly, that anyone who knows anything about cryptocurrencies will tell you that you should only invest what you can afford to lose, and I can only reiterate that advice.

My aim in writing this book is to de-mystify the subject and hopefully provide you with the knowledge, confidence and tools to get started in investing in your first cryptocurrency coins. All you’ll need is a little patience and time to spend a few hours opening the necessary free trading accounts that are needed to buy and sell your coins, and you’ll be ready to jump into buying your first cryptos before you know it. I have to reiterate that I am in no way giving any investment advice or recommendations within this book as I am not a financial advisor or licenced by any kind of financial authority to do so, and you should always only invest what you can afford to lose (and I’m talking from starting with as little as a $50 stake like I did) but hopefully, with a bit of luck and judgement, you’ll have some fun and also make money along the way!

I aim to cut through the mysticism and incredibly complex – at first glance – cutting edge world of cryptocurrency investing, in order to make things as simple as possible. In writing this book I have a similar desire to when I wrote my guide on global warming, which was to try and make a topic which seems extremely complicated, much easier to understand. In all honesty, trying to clarify what is going on with global warming was a lot more complex, and took a great deal longer to research and simplify than writing this guide on cryptocurrencies.


So, before I get started on the nitty gritty of how to find your first coins, which coins to look out for, and how to buy them, I’ll set out a very brief introduction on the basic facts you might want to know about how this entire craze started. To do that, we need to look at the granddaddy of all cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Investing in cryptocurrencies has been said to be a generational wealth creator. That means, no other investment is likely to come along in the next 50 years or so that could potentially make you so wealthy, and so quickly as investing in cryptocurrency. And the great thing is, you only need to invest very small amounts, just $20 will do!


Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will change the way we see the world. It cuts out the middlemen, cuts costs and is fast.


Fortunes will be made by corporations and individuals who are brave enough to get involved in this almost pioneering type of investing which is literally akin to panning for gold in the wild frontiers of the American Midwest.


I’m sure you are wondering; how much money have I made? Well, I can confirm at the time of publishing this book, my cryptocurrency portfolio of 15 different coins has increased by a massive 160%, in 7 weeks or so. Some of the best performing coins are listed below;


  • Tron – TRX purchased at 0.036, now 0.098 – up 169%
  • Zillika – ZIL purchased at 0506, now 0.1066 – up 110%
  • Refereum – RFR purchased at 0.007, now 0.012 – up 72%
  • BANCA – purchased at 0.002, now 0.003 – up 54%


The rises have been volatile, but at present, they are all heading up!

This book was written with the novice in mind, and also for those already knowledgeable about cryptocurrency.

If all this peaks your interest, then read on!

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